Why Spring is the Best Time to Paint Your Exterior


Exterior Painting in Spring

Spring marks the start of the exterior painting season for Denver painters. That means it might be time to check out your exterior paint and see what kind of projects you’ll need to prioritize this year.  Your exterior paint is important because it’s the first layer of defense when it comes to maintaining your home. Exterior paint protects your siding and has a huge impact on the overall appearance of your home.  There are a lot of great times to paint your exterior in Colorado but spring is one of the best times to paint your home.

photo of a home with tree blooming

Mild Temperatures

As weather shifts into spring mode, Denver weather becomes much more mild, which makes it ideal for exterior painting.  You don’t want it to be too cold or too hot when you paint an exterior, which is why spring has some of the best weather you can ask for.  Spring projects may take a little longer due to shorter days, a single day project in the summer may take two to three days to complete, but this is easily accommodated.

Of course early spring can be a little tricky with weather because you never know if it will be snowing, sunny, or both!  The way that we prepare for this as a company is we don’t fill our March calendar to full capacity.  By not scheduling to capacity our paint teams and project managers are less likely to become overwhelmed with backed up wor. This allows them to reschedule more fluidly and accommodate our spring clients.

More One-on-One Attention

Fewer projects means your Project Manager will have even more time for you and your project.  As the season picks up most paint companies will become quite busy and team members will be operating at a higher capacity.  Our systems are set up to ensure that clients are always well taken care of. Spring painting does have some obvious extra benefits though.  

Photo of kind home painters outside

As we’ve already mentioned, projects do take a little bit longer this time of year, which means you’ll have a bit more time with your project manager.  This also gives you more time to inspect the work and make sure you’re fully satisfied with everything.  Kind Home Painting Co. has a unique 100% satisfaction guarantee which means you don’t pay a penny until your project is complete and you are happy with the work!

Best Exterior Paint Pricing

This might be the most appealing benefit of painting your exterior in the spring because you are much more likely to get the best deals of the season.  Summer and fall are notoriously very busy for most painters but the spring can be a slower start to the year, especially when it comes to exterior work.  We’re always eager to get our best teams back to work after a long winter, so we’re happy to repay you for your assistance by offering the best discounts of the year.

Keep in mind that spring spots are super limited and once they’re filled most painters won’t continue to offer those steep spring painting discounts.  We always advise that you get your estimates as early as possible.  January, February and March are some of the best times to capitalize on spring pricing, so it’s recommended to start reaching out to companies as soon as possible.  We honor our undiscounted pricing all season and we’re always willing to work with you at any point if the spring isn’t the best time for your paint project. However, over the years we’ve found that most of our clients are thrilled to have the extra discount!

photo of the exterior of a home during spring

Easier HOA Color Approval

Choosing colors is one of the biggest challenges to painting the exterior of your home, but obtaining HOA approval can be even harder. By starting the exterior painting process early in the year you really give yourself more time to select colors you’ll love and make sure you have time to get them approved by your HOA.  Homeowners Associations generally deal with far fewer submissions for color approval in the spring, unlike during the summer when they get a higher rate of submissions. This means you’re much more likely to hear back from your HOA sooner.  This can be especially beneficial for clients who are part of HOAs that only meet every sixty days. 

Paint Your Exterior in the Spring

The summer and fall are always options for painting your exterior, but spring painting does bring with it quite a few benefits.  Additional savings, more time for HOA approval, milder weather, and a more personalized customer service experience can make all the difference. If your exterior looks like it could use some TLC we recommend starting the paint process with a free estimate to get a better idea of your project scope and pricing.  Ask about our spring specials for this year’s best pricing!