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Kind Home Exterior Paint Prep Process

PREP is arguably the most important step in any paint project, but great prep is especially important for exterior painting. If you want your exterior painting project to last, it is vitally important to perform detailed prep. This rings even truer for Denver home painting where we have rampant weather patterns and harsh sun exposure. You should never expect to be able to just slap some paint on the side of your home and call it good. Without solid prep you are setting yourself up for failure. In this article we will detail the Kind Home exterior paint prep process and the importance of following these necessary steps when you have your home painted.

Paint Prep Steps 

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For any exterior painting project in the Denver area you should always inspect the home for rotted, damaged boards, dirty areas and loose nails/boards. We always perform the following on any exterior prior to painting to ensure that the surface is well protected and ready for paint: 

  • Pressure wash
  • Repair damaged gutters
  • Perform any woodwork repairs
  • Mask off all windows & doors & protect surfaces
  • Scrape failing paint 
  • Caulk
  • Prime where necessary

Preliminary Services (Before Painting)

It’s important that we take care of a few items before your Project Manager and paint crew ever get to the job site. These items include pressure washing, gutter replacement and woodwork. We refer to this stage as preliminary services. Our Preliminary Service technicians will handle this portion of your project 1-2 weeks prior to painting to ensure that everything is complete in a timely manner and your home is ready for our paint crew when it comes time to paint.

Pressure Wash 

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We pressure wash the exterior of every home we paint. This is a light rinse to rid the home of dirt, cobwebs, debris and oxidation and to ensure that the paint has a clean surface to adhere to. If you don’t clean the surface first, paint will have a difficult time sticking to the exterior and it can cause problems down the line. The pressure wash should take between thirty minutes to an hour and is a non-invasive process. Our Pressure Wash Technician will just need access to your water spigot and all four sides of the home. You’ll want to make sure all doors and windows are closed!

Replacing Damaged Gutters

If your gutters are leaking it is a good idea to replace them. We provide gutter replacement services for any paint project that needs new gutters. The last thing you want is to have a leaky gutter damaging your freshly painted exterior. This can lead to early erosion of your paint, and even worse, rotted or swollen boards. 


Woodwork is not a step to be overlooked. You can think of paint as the epidermis of the home. It is there to protect the substrate and fight off moisture and dirt. Over time though, your paint can wear down and allow for that moisture to penetrate the surface underneath. This leads to rotted and swollen boards. If your exterior has any rotting we always recommend getting those replaced. The longer you hold off on replacing damaged boards, the more it will cost you in the long run. Our woodworking team can take care of any and all of your wood replacement needs. 

image of kind home woodworker sawing wood boards

While there are some damaged boards that can get by with fillers and sealants, it is typically better to have them fully replaced. Without fully replacing a board it is at higher risk of failing quicker and allowing moisture to compromise the substrate. Not only will a new board hold up longer, it is more aesthetically pleasing. It is also important to be mindful of boards in areas where snow can build up. These spots on your home will be the first to have failing paint and rotted boards. During this step it is also important to re-secure any loose boards. You may notice loose nails or areas where nails have already popped out. We will be sure to nail those boards back in or use screws to secure them. 

We will typically do woodwork repairs the week prior to painting. Our expert craftsman will ensure that every board is perfectly fit in place and ready for a new coat of paint. 

Exterior Prep Process

Now that all of the preliminary services have been completed, it’s time for your Project Manager and paint crew to work their magic!

Masking, Taping & Protecting Your Home

It’s important to ensure that paint never gets where it shouldn’t be. That’s why we take extra precaution to protect your home from any paint overspray, spills or accidents. We always mask off all windows and doors and use drop cloths where necessary. The plastic film and painters tape we use to protect these areas will ensure no paint gets through when we’re spraying or rolling paint. 

Scrape Failing Paint

We can’t stress enough how important it is to scrape failing paint to create a smooth surface for the paint to adhere to. We always make sure to scrape areas with bubbling and flaky paint. If you fail to scrape these areas the texture will show through. This step can take some time, but it is vital to a beautiful paint job that will last. 

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Caulking, as we all know, helps to seal up your exterior and protect it from the elements. It is especially important to caulk all seams and receding nail holes. At Kind Home Painting Company we use Shermax Urethanized Elastomeric Caulk . This is a high quality caulk that was created to stand up to the harsh weather patterns we experience.

Some of the areas we will always caulk include: 

  • Spaces around windows
  • Spaces around doors
  • Seams where two boards meet
  • Recessed nail holes 
  • Newly replaced boards

It’s important to note that you do not need to caulk all nail holes. We will only caulk the recessed nail holes to ensure that no moisture can seep through the board. If you caulk nail holes that are flush with the board you will be able to see the caulk and that added texture, which can be unsightly. 

kind home painter caulking siding


Priming, priming, priming! Our painters will always prime any bare wood, newly replaced boards or boards that have taken a beating and could use the added protection. At Kind Home Painting Company we will always prime the first few boards at the bottom of your home. This is to protect those areas from snow and the general wear and tear they are susceptible to. 

We also pay close attention to valleys on the roof line where snow can collect and sit for long periods of time. These areas are typically the spots where paint will fail the quickest and boards will rot due to the extended exposure to moisture. To ensure that your paint job lasts we use peel bond primer. This primer is stronger than regular primers and will help seal the surfaces and provide a smoother finish. 


Most homeowners don’t realize how long the prep process takes. This is where our painters will spend the majority of their time when working on your paint project because they understand that a paint job is only as good as its prep. Once we’ve completed all prep and your Project Manager has confirmed that everything is up to our standards, our painters will get to the fun part! The painting portion of any project is typically the fastest. We always spray our exteriors to ensure a smooth, professional and even finish. This is when you can kick back and watch your exterior transform before your eyes. 

How to Prep for Exterior Painting

We hope that this article gave you insight into our prep process and what it takes to perform a beautiful paint job that will last for years to come. For inspiration for your Denver exterior paint project be sure to check out our Instagram.

If you would like a free painting estimate, you can fill out our form HERE. Thanks for reading and happy painting!

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