How Much Does Interior Painting Cost In Colorado?

It’s that time of year in Colorado when everyone starts planning their home improvement projects for the year.

If one of those projects is painting the interior of your home, one of the biggest questions you may have is, how much does interior painting cost in Colorado? And it’s a great question to ask!

In this blog we will discuss and breakdown the different factors that can affect how much it costs to paint your interior in Colorado and dig into some average job sizes based on our painting services.

How Much Does Interior Painting Cost Per Square Foot?

Most everyone starts in the same place— how many square feet is my home and how much per square foot will it cost to paint? The size of your home absolutely plays a large role in how much it will cost to paint your interior.

If you have a bigger home it will obviously cost more to paint, and if your home is smaller it will cost less to paint. The items that are getting painted is also an important factor to consider. If you’re painting the walls only, that will be less expensive than painting the walls, ceilings, trim and doors.


photo of an interior library/study


Another factor to consider is the overall scope of workwhat specific areas and how much surface area of the walls, ceilings, trim and doors of the space you are looking to paint? These are the main drivers in the overall cost. 

What we’ve found is this can vary from client to client based on their wants and needs. It can also vary home to home based on the design and layout of the specific home. Modern homes with an open floor plan have fewer walls by the nature of their design, while older homes (with each room and area being closed off) can have more wall surface area by the nature of their design.

Knowing the square footage of a home can help to give an idea of the cost range for interior painting; however, there are many more factors to consider to determine an accurate cost for each home.

What Goes Into Figuring Material & Labor Costs?

When we look at estimating the price to paint an interior, there are many variables and factors that go into working up that price. The two main factors are materials and labor. 

  • How many gallons of primer and paint are required? 
  • How many days will it take to complete the work? 

The amount of paint required is fairly simple to determine. You take the square footage of the surface area of walls, ceilings, trim & doors you intend to paint and divide it by the specified square foot coverage of the paint product you are using. 


image of interior being painted with plastic covering the furniture


For example, if the paint you use specifies that a gallon can cover 250-350 Square feet of surface area and you have 6000 square feet of walls and ceilings to paint, you would divide 6000/250 to get (24) gallons of paint. We always recommend utilizing the lower end of paint coverage specification to ensure full coverage, especially when changing colors.

How many days it will take really depends on how complicated the actual painting is. If there are several areas with 2nd story or 3rd story walls, that can take more time to paint than a ranch style home with single story walls throughout.

Whether the home is in great shape or if it has extensive repair work that needs to be completed prior to painting can influence the final cost as well. Repairs create the need for more materials and more labor.

What Other Factors Can Increase the Cost of My Interior Paint Project?

Now that we have a working understanding of some main factors let’s dig into some smaller details.  

There are many items to paint in a home, some of them can be more labor intensive than others and require specialty materials for lasting durability. 

If you want to paint wood that is currently stained, like kitchen cabinets, stair railings or doors and trim, the cost of your project will increase significantly. To properly paint these items and achieve a long lasting aesthetically pleasing finish,  you must follow specific processes and utilize specific material. 

Let’s talk about cabinet painting

  • First, painters will disassemble cabinets and thoroughly protect the work area, next they will rinse down cabinets with lacquer thinner and wipe them dry. 
  • The next step would be to sand everything and then fully prime them with specialty primer. 
  • After the primer coat has dried it’s time for a quick buff with sandpaper and then on to the first coat of paint. Once that has dried, a second top coat is applied.

With all of that labor and the cost of the specialty products used to paint cabinets, the price increase adds up. If you decide to paint your cabinets along with the interior of your home it can add anywhere from $3,000-$8,000+ to your project depending on how many cabinets you have in your home.



Will It Cost More To Use Higher Quality Materials?

Another element to consider is the quality of paint being used on the project.  Some companies use lower quality paint and others use higher quality paint. There can be a difference of up to $50 per gallon between different paints. When you use 20-40 gallons to paint the interior of a home that cost adds up quickly!  

We always recommend using high quality paint and materials so you get a better return on your investment. Higher quality paint looks better and lasts longer, it resists damage due to moisture and wear and tear better, it is easier to clean and maintain AND touch-ups are easier to perform and look better.

What’s The Average Interior Cost to Paint In Colorado?

Here at Kind Home Painting Company in Denver, Colorado we painted over 250 home interiors in 2022.  The pricing ranged from $2,500-$40,000 for interior painting and the average project price was $7,699.

As you can see there is a large range of pricing associated with painting the interior of a home. To get an accurate idea of how much it may cost to paint your specific home, we always recommend getting an estimate from a qualified painting company.

If you’d like to learn more about our specific painting processes you can visit our Youtube page or if you’d like to  schedule a Denver interior painting estimate to learn what it will cost for your project you can do so HERE.