Is Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace a Good White Paint?

Is Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace a Good White Paint?

Is Chantilly Lace a Good White Paint Color

When considering the wide array of whites that are offered by top paint companies, Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace OC-65 has topped many a list and blog. Controversial as it may be, I will be discussing the distinct attributes of this color and why it’s probably the last color you should be painting on your home. Don’t fret though! I will offer other suggestions with explanations as to why the hues will function much better for you than Chantilly Lace.

image of benjamin moore chantilly lace color swatch

Chantilly Lace High Light Reflectance Value 

To begin, Chantilly Lace is Benjamin Moore’s whitest white. Initially this sounds perfect for achieving that crisp, bright white that many search for. However, if we look at the Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of this hue we learn that it sits at 90.04 out of 100. That is an extremely stark white and it reflects nearly all the light that hits it. In direct sunlight it is sure to be an eyesore, even blinding. If you were to paint the inside of your living room with Chantilly Lace it would even reflect the colors of your furniture. So if you happen to have a red couch, for example, the room would pick up those pink tones. 

Chantilly Lace Undertones 

Chantilly Lace’s high LRV is partly due to the fact that it lacks easily identifiable undertones. That makes it quite unpredictable and there is a higher probability for Chantilly Lace to be sterile and cold. Most people want the color they see on the swatch to appear as true as possible. With the nature of Chantilly Lace, it is quite impossible for that to happen. Don’t shy away from the idea of having touches of yellow, green, or blue in your white undertones. The undertones are key to getting to a white that is balanced and will read true to your unique environment.

photo of an interior painted in Sherwin williams snowbound

Sherwin Williams Snowbound

Preferred White Paint Colors

Whites that fare much better in direct sunlight indoors or outdoors include cool-toned Snowbound and Eider White from Sherwin William’s. Similarly, Benjamin Moore offers Oxford White and Paper White for similar blue-based whites. 

The blue undertones in the white will help to achieve that fresh white color with a modern feel. If you want to opt for a timeless warm toned white, Sherwin Williams’ Dover White and Creamy will be better suited for the project. For Benjamin Moore, consider Mountain Peak White and Dove Wing. The addition of a bit of yellow goes a long way to make a home feel inviting and warm instead of clinical when it comes to the perfect hue of white.

photo of dining area painted in Benjamin moore mountain peak

Benjamin Moore Mountain Peak

Your Home Environment

Taking into account the current hue of your home will drastically change the amount of time you invest into your paint project. If your paint colors currently have pigment to them or are on the darker side, you will have to invest much more labor and much more paint to achieve full coverage with a color like Chantilly Lace. To make painting effortless, opt for a hue that has an undertone that can stand up to what’s on your home now. If your project is starting with a warm tone color, use Sherwin Williams’ Ice Cube or Benjamin Moore’s Vanilla Milkshake to assist in the transition. On the other hand if your project is beginning with a cooler tone, you can combat this by choosing whites like Benjamin Moore’s Moonlight White, Cloud White, or Sherwin’s Alabaster.


To recap, Chantilly Lace’s LRV, unrecognizable undertones, and light coverage makes it a very difficult color to work with. The environment drastically changes the look and feel of any color. That’s why it is imperative to take into account the direction your surfaces face, the amount of natural versus artificial light, and the fixed features or furniture and decor that will be in the space. Especially with whites, having a true paint sample to consider under all lighting conditions is the only way to make a well thought-out decision. 

I hope this has given you a new perspective on a “favorite” white and insight on your color journey! For more color inspiration, visit our Instagram or learn more on colors HERE.  

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The Best Interior Paint Warranty

The Best Interior Paint Warranty

The Best Interior Paint Warranty in Denver

At Kind Home Painting Company we always strive to improve the client experience. It is the driving force behind all we do. We know painting your home is no small feat and it can be an investment of both your time and money. That’s why we want to make sure you feel taken care of even long after we’ve completed your project. With that being said, we have upgraded our interior warranty options for our clients. 

Prior to this upgrade we only warrantied interiors for one year. Even a one year interior warranty in our industry is pretty rare. But, as one of the best painting companies in Denver, we believe it is our responsibility to do what is right for our clients and lead by example. That’s why we’ve added up to 3 Years to our Interior warranty. Ultimately, we aren’t warranting just a paint job, but a relationship with you. 

Interior Warranty Options

Our new interior paint warranties options for our clients across the Denver metro are as follows:

1 Year Warranty – Sherwin Williams Cashmere

2 Year Warranty – Sherwin Williams Duration

3 Year Warranty – Sherwin Williams Emerald

We have a commitment to only using the highest quality paint products on the market and each of these paint products are Sherwin Williams top-tier interior paints. While you can choose from other paints, these are the only paints that we warranty because we stand behind their quality. Each of these paints are specifically designed for premiere interior painting. They each have their own unique properties that help them stand apart from other paint products. 

different paint cans and warranty option text

Sherwin Williams Cashmere

Contains a silky, low-stipple appearance. It is a paint and primer in one and has a smooth, buttery application. 

Sherwin Williams Duration

Ideal for high-traffic residential spaces because it cleans easily and has great durability, especially in moist environments like a bathroom. It also has properties that help it to retain color and have a less visible shine after washing. 

Sherwin Williams Emerald

Sherwin’s best interior paint. It will provide your walls with exceptional coverage, durability and washability. It is also a paint and primer in one with stain blocking technology to provide you with added protection from wear and tear. Last, but not least, it contains antimicrobial agents that inhibit the growth of mold and mildew. 

You can also upgrade Sherwin Williams Emerald Urethane Enamel for painting your interior trim. Emerald Urethane Enamel will provide your trim and doors with a smooth and luxurious finish. This paint was created with a water-based, urethane-modified alkyd to look and feel like an oil finish. This is a paint that is perfect for areas that are frequently cleaned. 

What does our Interior Warranty Cover?

Our interior paint warranty covers 100% of our workmanship as well as any fading, chipping, cracking or peeling. We are also happy to cover damage from things like kids, dogs, furniture etc. because we know life happens. Any issues you may have with your paint job we are here to help. We think it’s just the KIND thing to do!

photo of a blue wall with dirt on it

We cover all labor and materials for any interior paint warranty. All you need to do is file a warranty claim and we’ll take care of the rest. All you need to do to file a claim is give our office a call and explain whatever issues you may be experiencing with your paint job. From there we’ll get your warranty scheduled and taken care of within 30 days. 

Not All Paint Warranties Are the Same

When it comes to contractor’s house painting warranties, not all are created equal. It’s important to get your warranty in writing, and to make sure that you fully understand the terms and conditions of your warranty. Here are some questions you should make sure to ask about your warranty: 

  • How long is the warranty good for? 
  • What does it cover exactly? 
  • Does it cover workmanship only? 
  • What does the warranty define as a defect? 
  • Are materials and labor included?

Be sure to ask your painter these questions before making your decision to work with them or not. We’ve seen painting warranties from painters across the state and there is almost always some fine print or caveat that creates a riff in the warranty process. 

photo of a nice interior staircase

Kind Home Painting Co. Interior Warranty

We hope that this helps you to understand our warranty options and what they cover, as well as our philosophy behind why we provide such an outstanding warranty. Your happiness and satisfaction is our top priority and we hope to be your painter for years to come 🙂

For more information, be sure to visit our Interior Painting page, and for inspiration head on over to our Instagram! You can also check out our parent company Kind Home Solutions for even more great content. Thanks for reading!