Denver’s Best Stucco Repair

When a client begins the process of painting their home there are often times we find another service may be needed prior to paint. As a Denver painting company we are primarily working on homes that are 20+ years old, so wear and tear is a factor on every project. One of the most common issues we run into when painting is damaged stucco. Stucco damage occurs over time and is very common, especially with the fluctuations in temperature that we experience here in Colorado. We work with a local stucco company that does incredible work to help our clients get the best finished product possible. 

Can You Paint Stucco?

We get asked all the time whether or not you can paint stucco.  Yes, you absolutely can paint stucco!  Painting stucco is an easy and cost effective way to refresh faded or dingy stucco and create a fresh and uniform look.  Much like paint, stucco is tinted with pigments to give it it’s color. When using any exterior product we all know nothing can last forever and stucco is no different.  Over time you may experience a variety of failures with your stucco including fading or discoloration.


photo of a white painted stucco home


What Does Stucco Damage Look Like?

Identifying stucco damage is one of the first steps when it comes to painting or maintaining your stucco home.  We recommend each homeowner do a thorough inspection and note any areas of concern.  You can alternatively work with a stucco or paint professional to review the current condition of your stucco.  

During this inspection be sure to note any damage to the stucco. Some things to look out for include fading, discoloration, cracking, or even missing pieces of stucco.  It’s wise to look near gutters and downspouts, around windows and doors, and along the foundation and at corners. These are some of the areas where you’ll often experience failures in the stucco first. 


photo of cracked stucco


When Should You Contact a Stucco Expert?

For many stucco issues like fading, discoloration, or hairline cracks your exterior painter will be able to take care of those items. These issues are often either fixed by the paint itself or a stucco repair compound is used to fill in smaller cracks.  If you’re experiencing larger issues with your stucco, then be sure to talk to an expert as your home will require more extensive repairs.  

Any larger stucco repairs should be taken care of ahead of painting so that they have time to set. Don’t worry about matching your existing stucco exactly with the repair as it will be covered with the fresh coat of paint.

photo of someone repair stucco and smoothing it over

Denver’s Best Stucco Repair

Being in the industry, we’ve been lucky enough to make some incredible connections within the home improvement field.  Since we work with a lot of clients with stucco homes we’ve partnered with Sarge and Co. Professional Stucco Services.  Perry Babel and his team bring decades of experience and knowledge to every project and can help with big or small stucco projects. Sarge and Co. is locally based and operated out of Morrison, Colorado and Perry services all of the Denver metro area.  

Whether you are painting or not, you should always address stucco repairs as quickly as possible because they can lead to more extensive damage. If you’re considering painting your stucco then schedule a free consultation to get the ball rolling.